Agricultural Lime


Agricultural lime is a fundamental ingredient in soil care.

Liming has been used for decades by the agricultural industry and is recognised as playing a crucial role in maximising crop yields and profitability.

The application of magnesium and calcium limes have long-term benefits. Grange Screened Agricultural Lime (also known as agri lime or ag lime) is a quality product which restores pH values and unlocks the long-term productive potential of arable soils.

Two grades of Agricultural Lime are available, Screened Lime and a higher grade Ground Limestone. Grange produce Ground Limestone

Agricultural Lime major benefits include:

  • Low-cost, high-value solution
  • Improved overall crop profitability
  • Increased productive potential of arable land
  • Important component in maximising crop yields
  • Assists livestock health and growth
  • Improved soil structure
  • Helps maintain correct pH levels
  • Releases soil nutrients, assisting fertilisers and manure

Ag Lime Specification Download

Grange Agricultural Lime Properties


The source product has an extremely high calcium carbonate content of 92% putting it amongst the highest values attainable Download Certificate

Neutralising Value

A Calcium Carbonate based limestone which is composed of 100% Calcium Carbonate will produce an upper effective neutralising value of 56. Our product is 54 putting it at the upper end of neutralising efficiency Download Certificate


Grange agricultural lime is a mechanically ground product which can be used for traditional or contemporary organic farming methods. It has a reactivity value of 69.6%. The reactivity of a common ground agricultural lime varies from 50% to 75% depending upon the quality of the source material and the extent to which it is processed. This again places the Grange material at the high end of the reactivity range Download Certificate

Grange Agricultural Lime is therefore a quality product functioning at the high end of the Agricultural Lime market

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