Methylene Blue Test


What is Modified Methylene Blue Test?

A Modified Methylene Blue or MMB for short, is an indicator for Clay and other expansive materials in quarried sands and aggregates.

Studies have shown that some types of clay in sand can adversely affect concrete quality leading to a variety potential problems in wet concrete. Issue that may occur are:

  • Shortened open life
  • Increased Water Demand
  • Loss of Strength
  • Poor Rheology

MMB analysis has been used as an an indicator for some years. It is becoming a more common method of testing across the worldwide industry.

Grange have recently invested in the latest technology for this type analysis which involves the use of a Colorimeter. This equipment removes any subjectivity in the analysis and provides a indicative result for clay content. It also offers an indication of clay type, particularly if undertaken as a short series of tests to establish trending.

The Methylene Blue Test (MMB) is recognised by many of the major corporate companies in the concrete industry.

Grange are the first to offer this test in the Scottish Area on a commercial basis.

Due to the equipment used, this is a relatively fast test with results possible within an hour of sample receipt.

Our Technical Lab is located at our Lockerbie Depot. As we are located at Junction 17 of the A74M, samples can be easily dropped in to our lab for test.

You can contact us if you would like to discuss this test.

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